Weight loss

Losing weight to be healthy and truly effective, must involve a fundamental change in eating habits and adapting them to the actual needs of the body. It means that in order to regain and then maintain a nice figure and avoid the health complications associated with obesity, we need to learn to eat differently than before. And it is not for several days or even a few weeks - the decision of such a change is actually made for life.

If you definitely know that obesity is the result of our unhealthy diets and not our critical eyes in the mirror, I mean we really have too much of the body and is not due to the fact that this is the body, because there are people with a high body mass and it is unhealthy for them to get rid of it - it's programmed their bodies, we have to change everything, which leads to the fact that we gain weight.

The body gets used to the weight.

If a man for a long time keeps the body in a state of scale, then after a while it will be difficult to lose weight. The body will want to keep a learned body weight and body fat are reluctant to give - this can be seen when the weight loss suddenly stops weight despite continued dieting. However continue to diet and exercise, over time your body will get used to the new state of affairs.

The diets should be careful, because instead of helping, they can lead to disease. Miracle diet is hundreds, but it is best to ask a doctor or nutritionist help you adjust your diet to the current state of health of the body. Weight loss diet does not lead to problems if we deliver every day thanks to her body the right amount of vitamins and minerals and energy. Doctors say that the healthiest way to weight loss is weight loss of up to 1.5 pounds a week. Above this amount we can only do harm.

What we certainly do not hurt, it introduction of large amounts of vegetables to the diet and reduce - but not completely eliminate - carbohydrates and sugars, or fatty meats, breads, pasta and sweets. You do not have to give up everything, just be reduced portions and make this a daily dose of traffic.

Best exercises for weight loss, aerobic exercise is called, that is, those that use a large amount of oxygen. It is a very slow jogging, fast walking or slow cycling. This type of exercise allows the body to first burn fat, the exercise must last at least 30 minutes, because the combustion takes place after a period of steady motion.

There is no miracle diet.
There is no great wonder drug provision or the slim figure. Most, if not all, offer a wonderful pharmaceutical and others are just a great business. We give that fool you. We want to cheat, deceive their laziness. Instead of looking for wonderful ways, you begin to live differently. Actively. Consciously. Just start exercising, change the repertoire on the table and it's forever, and not for two weeks. What us that weight loss after heavy battles, if for a moment back in the old big clothes.

There is a model of the human figure.

The body is just a body. The modern world of media, entertainment, fashion, and social dictators "eye" pressure young women, their minds feathers. I do not want to be happy until they look like someone else. Is not that terrible? Models of the covers of glossy magazines have become a model for many women, how a woman should look like, but already widely known for leading almost to exhaustion, starvation diets and Models with Photoshop retouching, color photographs used in magazines.

That's what happens with paranoia thinness and weight loss is unimaginable. Is unimaginable mental agony that people go who do not want to agree to it, they are.

Real weight loss is weight loss of social conventions. Poison with what others think. The way we have been. For this you should lose weight. Found on the own diet.